Understanding Audiences:
The Crazy 2020 Guide

Wednesday, 14 October 2020  
11:00AM (ET) / 5:00PM (CET)

Date & Time

 Your consumer’s behaviours, needs, and expectations have changed drastically - it’s been a crazy year - so what will the effects be on your business? It’s essential that marketers can predict the outcomes. 

This webinar will give you all the know-how you need to accurately understand your audience and create the kind of experiences that will convert them into customers. We’ll start Wednesday, October 14, 11 AM ET, 5 PM CET.  


The steps we’ll go through:

Where do you begin your audience research?



How do you turn your data into actionable next steps?


What tools will help you do this easily?


Monica Raszyk

Director of Product Marketing at Socialbakers

Connecting marketing, product, and sales teams, she shares how marketers use our solutions to do great things on social.

Mantas Ciuksys

Director of Content Marketing at Socialbakers

He leads our content marketing strategy and tackles content planning and execution challenges daily - now all done remotely.

Taylor Bern

Content Marketing Specialist at Socialbakers

Taylor is the primary writer of Socialbakers’ Trends Reports and is always one step ahead on all things connected to social media data.  

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Wednesday, 14 October 2020  
11:00AM (ET) / 5:00PM (CET)

Date & Time

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